Animation Demonstrating How You Hear


Hearing Aids Explained

Dr. Sandi Ybarra discusses the question "what is the best hearing aid on the market?" Your hearing experience is unique to you much like your fingerprint. Dr. Ybarra discusses the process for matching you with the correct hearing aid and helping your overall hearing experience.


Learning To Hear Again Classes

Dr. Sandi Ybarra discusses the the Hearing Associates "Learning to Hear Again" Classes. The classes are offered every month in a series of three. Dr. Ybarra discusses the topics covered in the classes and how to sign-up.

Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Dr. Sandi Ybarra discusses the number one cause of hearing loss in the United States. one in five high school seniors has noise induced hearing loss. In this video you'll learn strategies to protect your hearing and identifying noise sources. 


What To Do When Your Hearing Aid Gets Wet

Accidents happen, and sometimes your hearing aid pays the price. Hearing Associates' audiology assistant Dana has a few suggestions for damage control.

Hearing Associates Walk-In

Gregg, the Hearing Associates Business Administrator, provides some details about our walk-in hour. Our patients can come in for regular hearing aid cleaning or maintenance without an appointment Monday – Friday, 10am – 11am.


Hearing Associates Products

Our office assistant, Monica, shares some of the products and services available at Hearing Associates. If you’re interested in any of these items, please feel free to stop by or give us a call at 541-686-3505.

Hearing Associates Gives Back

Emma, our Office Coordinator and Insurance Specialist, details a number of ways that Hearing Associates looks out for our community and our environment.